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The following letter excerpt is used with permission from a beneficiary of the services Missional Chaplain provides to a client corporation for their employees. Names have been removed to protect confidentiality. We are honored to have a part in caring for people in their daily lives.

I am very thankful for the job your company provides for my husband that allows him to support our family, but more importantly, I am thankful for the chaplain services you provide your employees.


The chaplain has provided my husband and me with much needed spiritual guidance. He even provided services (free of charge) at my father’s funeral when my family was in desperate need and had nowhere to turn.


More recently, the chaplain has ministered to my brother who suffers from mental illness and has attempted suicide. My brother has suffered in silence for many years without reaching out to anyone or accepting anyone’s help. But the chaplain was able to reach him. My brother has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, attends church, and he was even baptized! I personally believe the chaplain’s ministry saved my brother’s life.


I want to thank you for providing chaplain services at your company.

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