About Us

Missional Chaplains exists to help organizations succeed by strengthening people in wellness, spiritual and emotional health through providing daily, individualized care from trained community chaplains.


A national service organization founded in southwest Michigan and now service in the Midwest, we have been meeting, training and developing a leadership team from a variety of local fellowships to serve in a variety of different settings, such as: our local Gospel mission, the county jail, businesses, non-profit organizations, public safety and government offices, churches, the entertainment industry and schools.

Our team is made up of people who have spent many years in various careers creating, consulting, serving, cultivating relationships and educating people. As chaplains, we are able to walk alongside and encourage those in need through care, compassion and a ministry of presence. The Spirit of God — of acceptance, forgiveness and love — is the Presence that we have the privilege to represent in our community.

Our vision is to place people of influence and compassion in multiple settings. Where you live, who you visit, where you go and what you do - we are there - in the studio, across the hood of a car, standing next to heavy equipment, in your corner cubicle. When the pain of loss is overwhelming, when it seems as though no one knows or cares, we are trained, experienced and gifted with compassion to come alongside and serve.


If you're interested in learning about training opportunities to become a chaplain, click here to visit our "Training" page.

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