Who We Are

We promote the concept of chaplaincy within our marketplace. Serving our community in a variety of areas, with compassion, a listening ear, a heart to serve and what we call, “a ministry of Presence”

What We Do

We walk alongside people in their workplaces. It’s manufacturing, social work professionals, law enforcement officers, correction & justice ministry.

Get Involved!

Check out our training and community awareness events or use the contact us page to see how you can make an impact through Missional Chaplains.

Our team is made up of people in the Midwest who have spent many years in various careers creating, consulting, serving, cultivating relationships and educating people. As chaplains we are able to walk alongside and encourage those in need through care, compassion and a ministry of presence.
Missional Chaplains is an asset in any work environment.  Minds that are at peace are more productive, and Missional Chaplains provides support in a variety of ways to ensure employees are in a positive mindset with the ability to put forth their highest quality work.”
-Rob, PRAB